Decleor offer Nature in its purest form with a selection of facial treatments suitable for every possible client using 100% pure and natural essential oils.  Enjoy a back massage and scalp massage during treatment to give a sense and feeling of utter calm and relaxation throughout the body, mind and soul.

  1.     Re-balancing Steam Facial (1hr)

      Deep cleansing facial, ideal for an oily congested skin type. Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation,  steam with extraction and mask.

  1.     Add an AFA mask to the above facials. You will see instant results.

  1.     “Aroma Plastie” (1hr 15mins)

    Composed of a cocktail of vitamins, mainly vitamins E and B6, proteins & anti-oxidants. This 100% natural “poultice” encourages the skin to absorb essential active ingredients and vitamins

  1.     “Liss’age” NEW (1hr 15min)

     Liss’age means to smooth age and is to treat mature skin.  The mask is bursting with active ingredients to provide a triple action wrinkle correction.

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  1.     “Aroma Expert Soothe” (1h 15 min)

      Specially designed for VERY sensitive and reactive skin.  It soothes, relaxes and calms with a refreshing and decongesting effect.

  1.     “Aroma Expert Lift” (1hr 15min)

      This treatment will remineralise, illuminate and lift even the most lifeless skin.  It offers effective anti-aging care to help slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1.     “Aroma Expert Nourish” (1h 15min)

    For extremely dry skin clients, to comfort and revive.  This mixture of cereal concentrated and aromatic nectar brings a soft supple sensation back to the very driest of skin types.

  1.     AFA (Amino Acid) Facial Peel

     This Dermatologist developed range consists of a homecare gel applied at night, in addition to in-salon facial peels.  AFAs exfoliate the skin deeply yet gently.  They increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture and are a potent anti-oxidant.  An excellent treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give the skin a radiance boost.  Also produces outstanding results on dry, sun-damaged and problem skin such as mild acne and rosacea.

  1.    AFA One Treatment

  1.    AFA Course of 6

€ 67

€ 70

€ 75

€ 55

€ 300

€ 48

€ 10

€ 65

€ 75

  1.     Mini- Facial (30min)

      Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam with extraction and mask

€ 35