Body Treatment

  1.     Back Massage

      Incorporates back, neck and shoulders to relieve all stress and tension.

  1.     Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

    Renowned for easing tension, headaches & heaviness.

  1.     Body Massage

     A deep and relaxing massage using combined aromatherapy oils to help reduce tension, clear body toxins, improve circulation.

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€ 33

€ 33

€ 50

  1.     Universal Contour Wrap

      A natural sea clay body wrap which will firm & tone the skin, reduce cellulite and guarantees a lasting reduction of at least 6 inches with your first wrap.

€ 70

  1.                         Course of 3

€ 190

  1.     Citrus Exfoliant Wrap NEW

      Citrus full body exfoliation, full body mask with heated blanket, body lotion is then massaged into the entire body to improve circulation and skin texture.  Ideal treatment before holidays, weddings or special occasions.

  1.     Ear Candle Treatment

    A deeply relaxing treatment to cleanse the ears and treat migraine, sinusitis and rhinitis.

€ 50

€ 40